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Channel and defeat your inner teenager.

Something became clear to me recently. Like all such revelation, it had been sitting right under my nose for a  long time.

As you probably know, I coach speakers - particularly introverts. I am also involved in a project interviewing actors. Of which more later.

 One common factor among the actors whose interviews I have attended there is a moment of revelation. That first moment the actor-to-be steps onto the stage and realises "this is for me".

A sense of belonging which informs their future career choice. 

This was a bit of an eye-opener for me as I've always felt exactly the opposite. 

Thinking about my coaching clients, there is a similar but opposite pattern. One which I experienced myself.

Usually - after some time gaining trust - my coaching clients will bring up the memory of some experience when - as a teenager - they had some humiliating experience which planted in their minds the idea that they are "no good" at public speaking. 

That's what happened to…

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