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How to Nail the Job Interview Presentation

How to Nail the Job Interview Presentation

Most job interviews include some element of presentation.
Makes sense as most jobs above the grunt level require you to present these days.

Often regarded as a cheeky way for the interviewing company to get free strategy input;
it’s a chance for you to show you are able to make valuable inputs to the business.
This is the key to success.

It’s often said that a good idea badly presented is still a good idea, whereas a bad idea
well presented is just a slick sales job. It’s much easier to succeed at the former.

Most interviewees make the mistake of attempting to be slick, rather than relevant.

I have yet to find the business which can’t be improved.
Often by considering the product from an unusual customer perspective.
Give the business some insight into the actual customer journey and you’ll usually find some nugget.
The larger the interviewing company, the more distant the leadership from the customer,
and the greater the chance for you to shine.


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