What do I speak about?

What do I speak about?

I'm a big fan of Quora.com. Well, I used to be.

Several times I've been asked a variant on "What is a great topic for a presentation?"

To my mind, this misses the point.

It suggests that we have the opportunity but nothing to say; which is a situation I've never come across, usually it is the reverse. I work with many people who have a message but believe there is no opportunity. 

Both exhibit different spins on a lack of self-belief; which I totally understand. We all have those moments. They can be paralysing.

When you consider even the smallest engagement - ten minutes before 30 people say - is a gift of 300 minutes of attention. Five Hours. 

Look at it from the two perspectives:

From the topic perspective, the thought process seems to be "I can't possibly justify all that attention - I have nothing to say!"

From the opportunity perspective, it's the same thing the other way around "My message does not warrant that much attention - no one wants to hear that..."

Or to put it another way: they are both the same root problem; a lack of entitlement.

Take it back to basics.

Who is your audience?

What action do you want as a result of your talk?

What is the thing that only you can say?

THAT is a gift worthy of anyone's time. 

Richard Tierney is the author of The Introverted Presenter


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