Prostitutes and Product Design

Prostitutes and Product Design

I was leaving a Soho drinking den on a warm summers evening. It was about 9pm and still light. 
Those of us who have worked in Soho get used to ignoring the approaches of prostitutes, and note how they only usually happen when the "City Boys come over" - that's Thursday and Friday night to you and me.

So my guard was down. As I turned on to the pavement a smart woman said: "Hello, How are you?" She sounded like an old friend so I momentarily paused and then realised my mistake.

Her second line was "Where are you going?" to which I replied "home"

"Would you like some company there?" was her final line. I thanked her (I hope) politely and we passed.

The exchange was so respectful and completely unlike any other such encounter that it stuck in my mind. It reminded me (how sad am I?) of a lesson I had from a graphic designer when talking about product design. Or any kind of design for communication.

The design job is to do three things:

First, it says "Look at Me!"

Then it says "Pick Me Up!"

Finally, it says "Buy me!"

Seems the lady on Shaftesbury Ave was a keen student of product design too.

Quite a nice bit of packaging as well.


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