At the risk of naming names.....

I was at a meeting recently and heard "I've just been speaking to a friend of yours"
The person in question had claimed to have worked with me several times (he has not) he told an "amusing tale" about me (complete fabrication) and then expected his other claims to have been taken seriously.
If this were the Wild West and some snake oil salesman came to our little outpost making claims from people we didn't know about the efficacy of their product and were gone before the truth was discovered, then this technique might produce results.

But we're not.

We live in a complexly connected environment where the little tribes we belong to are in touch immediately. So within two hours of this person making his claim on my endorsement, his reputation was rubbished. Several of his other misdeeds, which might have remained dormant, were repeated, and any hope he had of credibility destroyed.

Personal Provenance is about all that matters. Tinker with it even slightly and you'll be as badly regarded as ..... oops, nearly named names!


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