How to Present at a Virtual Meeting

How to Present Virtually

We increasingly need to present remotely, and it’s a good skill to master. 

The recent outbreak of Self-Isolation means more meetings are virtual. This can be good for your presentation skills; it’s quite easy to be ahead of the game.

I’m assuming you’ve prepared your talk with the care that all audiences deserve. Then you suddenly get the need to present virtually. How do you change it?


First, look at your script. This is your chance to really tighten it up. It’s much more compelling when you are “in the room” than just a voice on a screen. Really delete anything which does not hammer home your conclusion. As a rule of thumb, you should reduce the presentation by at least a third.


Next, look at your slides. Which are fillers? Your audience should – by default – be looking at you and only seeing the slide when it shows something which cannot be explained without a visual. Take a look at News Presenters; graphics are used sparingly and only when absolutely vital.


Finally, think about how to position your camera – or laptop – for the best position. Think about lighting, background and height. Visitors to TV studios often comment on how high the cameras are – this is because we look better, and less pompous if the camera is slightly above eye level. A laptop on your desk looking up your nose is not flattering at all. Switch on your laptop’s camera and take a walk around until you find a suitable place.

You’ll find other tips on presentation matters here.

Stay Safe!

Richard Tierney


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